When Madde stepped down from the thaiboxing ring (2004-15) — having been ranked as top three in the world in her weight class — she immediately moved into stunt acting. After a few smaller productions, she was offered the role as Egeria in DC Comics coming “Wonder Woman” (June 2017.)

Stunt acting as a second career fell naturally into place. Madde is an experienced horsewoman: competed in dressage and show jumping. She has broken in several horses (the first one when she was 13 years old) and recently took her equestrian expertize to the stunt world. Her trick skills include: riding with sword, shield and helm, saddle falls and racing opponents. She can also drive motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats—fast. She’s skilled in fencing and gunmanship. She’s a climber and likes skiing, skating, surfing, diving, acrobatics and long distance swimming. She has more than 56 wins in Thai- and kickboxing—six of those were on knockout. Her roundhouse kicks are to die for.

She speaks fluent Swedish and English. Comprehensive: German, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian.

“Wonder Woman” [Egeria] stunt actor (2017)
“Silent Diplomacy” stunt/extra (2015)
“Blood Diamonds” stunt/extra (2015)
“For A Better Day” [Avicii video] main character(2015) 49M views.


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