Madeleine Vall Beijner.

Madde was a professional fighter from 2004 till 2015, and ranked top 3 best Thaiboxer in the world in her weight class. After a collapse in 2014, she was told by doctors to retire due to injuries. Instead of making the transfer into MMA as planned, Madde stepped down from the ring and shifted her focus elsewhere—film. In June 2017, “Wonder Woman” went up in theaters, where we can see Madde’s first big gig as the amazon warrior, “Egeria.” In addition to her new role as a stunt actor, Madde continues to act as a PT, model, lecturer, emcee, designer and writer. You are invited to partake in her crazy, awesome and sometimes surreal experiences. Buckle in, the ride is always wild with Madde Vall Beijner.

Madeleine Vall Beijner

Showreel 2018